Kastriot Shehi is an Albanian actor moved to Italy in 1991. Since finished the school of commedia dell'arte in Venice, he worked with various theater companies in Italy and in the Albanian National Theater. Kastriot first appeared on screens in 2000's La lingua del santo, presented at Venice film festival, and then starred in many television series and feature films in Italy and Albania.

  I was there. March 7, 1991

This is Liria, the ship that we took away while the soldiers fired into the air to scare us at the port of Durres - Albania. The dictatorship was close to collapse. For the first time, we could have seen Italy, which we had secretly admired on TV.  Kastriot Shehi



Letizia Battaglia 2021

Director: Roberto Ando'

Zound 2020

Director: Gent Gjikopulli

My Lake 2020

Director: Gjergj Xhuvani

Falco 2019

Director: Besart Kallaku

The Three of Us 2019

( SHORT ) Director: Renato Balla

The Clown 2019

( SHORT ) Director: Edmond Mandro

The Forgotten Mountain 2018

Director: Ardit Sadiku

Tirana 100 km 2017

( SHORT ) Director: Lorin Terezi

Life Between The Waters 2017

Director: Ardit Sadiku

Amore pensaci Tu 2017

( TV Series ) Director: F. Pavolini & V. Terracciano

Daybreak 2016

Director: Gentian Koci

Hije 2016

Director: Jotti Ejlli

Sex Perralle dhe Celular 2015

Director: Erion Bubullima

Status 2014

( WEB Series ) Director: D. Labanti, R. Giugliano, M. Ferri

Kennels 2014

( SHORT ) Director: Massimiliano D'agostino

Un Caso di Coscienza 2013

( TV Series ) Director: Luigi Perelli

Il Tredicesimo Apostolo 2012

( TV Series ) Director: Alexis Sweet

La Tana di Bianconiglio 2012

( SHORT ) Director: Linda Parente

Squadra Antimafia Palermo oggi 3 2011

( TV Series ) Director: Giacomo Martelli

Distretto di Polizia 11 2011

( TV Series ) Director: Alberto Ferrari

Intelligence 2009

( TV Series ) Director: Alexis Sweet

L'Ispettore Coliandro 2 2009

( La Pistola ) ( TV Series ) Director: Manetti Bross

La Squadra 8 2007

( TV Series ) Director: Stefano Sollima

Distretto di Polizia 7 2007

( TV Series ) Director: Alessandro Capone

Delitti Imperfetti - R.I.S.3 2007

( TV Series ) Director: Alexis Sweet

Linea di Confine 2005

RSI Switzerland  ( TV Series ) Director: Massimo Donati

Distretto Di Polizia 5 2005

( TV Series ) Director: Lucio Gaudino

Incantesimo 2004

( TV Series ) Director: Bruno De Paola

La Squadra 3 2003

( TV Series ) Director: Giovanni Leacche

Piovono Mucche2002

Director: Luca Vendruscolo

Una Rosa Cinquemila 2001

( SHORT ) Director: Giacomo D'Urzo

La lingua del Santo 2000

Director: Carlo Mazzacurati


The inspector general

by Nikolaj Gogol - Director: Driada Dervishi


by Saimir Gongo - Director: Saimir Gongo


by Erand Sojli - Director: Erand Sojli

The last Dance

by Erand Sojli - Director: Erand Sojli

Europe - Travel Notes

Director: Serena Sinigaglia

The rattle cap

by Luigi Pirandello - Director: Simone Luglio

Harlem's whore

by Anthony Swerling - Director: Simone Luglio

Don Giovanni

by Moliere ( role of Don Giovanni ) Director: Valentina Marcialis


by Giovanni Verga - Director: G. Ielo

Cavalleria rusticana

by Mascagni - music and prose ( role Turiddu ) Director: G. Ielo

Seven matrices

by Armando Llamas - Director: Susanne Lion

The ship

by Massimo Battisti & Roberto Cito - Director: Roberto Cito

The dowry

by Semsudin Gegic - Director: Laura Angiulli

Gli Eneadi from "ENEIDE"

by Virgilio - Director: Marinella Anaclerio & Flavio Albanese

The new house

by C. Goldoni - Director: Virgilio Zernitz

Mamole e Buli

by Giovanni Poli - Director: Stefano Pagin

Women's gossip

by C. Goldoni - Director: Giuseppe De Meo

Tales of Giacomo Casanova

Director: Arnaldo Momo

The weak-headed lady

by C. Goldoni - Director: Arnaldo Momo



Grand Hotel 2XL

Comic Tring TV Show - Albania

Hajt se folim

Comic Klan TV Show - Albania

Spring color

TV Advertising campaign - Italy


TV Advertising campaign - Italy


TV Advertising campaign - Italy


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